Top things to see in Rhodes Town

Top things to see in Rhodes Town

Day trips to the Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is regarded as the cultural heart of Rhodes Island. The town can be found in the north-east of the island and it is flanked by ancient castle walls, towers, numerous monuments, and iconic buildings that you can explore. If you are planning to go on a vacation in other parts of the island, you will need to visit the Rhodes Town during your trip. The town has a great character and it is very compact which means you can stroll around. Some of the best things to do in a day in Rhodes Town are listed below.


Explore the Medieval City and the Old Town

If you are planning to visit the town by car or bus, you are most likely to drop off in the old town area close to the castle. You can also get to the castle from the harbor. One of the top things to do here is to stroll around the gardens and pathways outside of the castle where you will get the chance to take stunning pictures of the castle. You can then explore the castle through one of the castle gates. You are going to find a wide range of restaurants, markets, and small gift stalls that you can visit. You should also make sure that you climb to the top of the tower where you will enjoy mind-blowing views of the town.


Go sightseeing at the Palace of the Grand Master

This castle is among the few examples of the Gothic architecture in Greece and it still retains most of its 7th-century features. The palace was upgraded during the 14th century by the Knights Hospitaller during their occupation of Rhodes. The castle is among the most magnificent castles on Rhodes Island and it is a place not to miss while in Rhodes Town. The entry to the castle is free and you are going to find numerous stalls, restaurant, and shops inside where you can try out a people-watching activity.


Visit the Rhodes Town Marina

You can explore the marina area which is close to the cruise port after lunch. Visiting the Marina area gives you the chance to explore the outside of the castle walls and to get a new perspective about Rhodes Town. You are going to find lots of yachts, tour boats, and giant cruise ships that are docked on the main harbor. You are also going to find a miniature beach that you can relax in the area.


Visit the Colossus of Rhodes

The enormous Colossus of Rhodes was a giant statue of the god Helios, the Greek sun-god. The statue was once located along the harbor as it watches over the town. The statue is also among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Although the statue was destroyed by an earthquake in 226BC, you can still visit the site that the statue once stood.


Go sightseeing at the Windmills of Mandraki

These ancient windmills are located close to the Colossus of Rhodes site. The windmill was once a collection of about 13 or 14 windmills but you will find only 3 lone windmills remaining and the towers over the stone pier. The best things to do here is to climb the walkway which will give you the chance to take the pictures of these intricate structures and also enjoy scenic views of the outer castle walls.


Explore Fort of St Nicholas

This is another top attraction not to miss at the sea-front. The fort is an ancient fortress and it features numerous walkways, huge stone doorways and windows. Once you step foot inside this fort, you will feel like you are transported back to the time when the Rhodes Town was under attack.


Have fun at Elli Beach

This long strip beach can be found on the northern part of the Rhodes town not far from the marina. The beach is a great place to go for sun-worshippers and watersport enthusiasts. The beach is a great place to spend your afternoon after a long day of sightseeing. The beach is usually crowded during the summer months and it is considered to be among the best beaches in the Rhodes Town area. If you are looking for a quieter beach location, you can head to Atki Miaoulli Beach which is just around the beachhead from Elli Beach. The Atki Miaoulli Beach is surrounded by varieties of bars and restaurants that you can stay.